In His Light

by Mary-Anne Rabe

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released August 2, 2006



all rights reserved


Mary-Anne Rabe Florida

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Track Name: The Mystery
How great is our God the Rock
His work is perfect
He is the alpha and finisher of
our faith – it’s of God that we are in Christ

Christ in you is the hope of glory
Christ in you – the mystery
You’re in Him and Him in you
It’s the mystery revealed

Look deeper into His law of liberty
As in a mirror, you will see
His image reflected in you
You are born from above
in the light of His love

Guard your heart above all else
It holds the secret of your life
You’re not the product of your own works
You’re the radiance of the Father’s love
Track Name: Original Design
There’s a wisdom of a Godly kind
So pure and undefiled
It’s the knowledge preserved in the heart
Of one who new us and made us
From the very start

What sin’s oppression, could never change
Was the Father’s likeness in which we’d been made
Christ became for us wisdom from God
The unmixed knowledge of our
Original design

Now, hear wisdom, as she calls you
Beckons you from the highest hill
You’re invited to taste and see
For His love and His mercy are free

There’s a table that’s been prepared for you
A feast of fat things for you to enjoy
Feel the welcome of One who adores You
Feel at home in Your
Original design
Track Name: Awakening
The light of Your life has dawned in my heart
Revealing the knowledge of the glory of God
As in a mirror, I behold You face to face
I’m changed into Your likeness
In ever-increasing faith

From glory to glory
Like the wake of dawn
Into your image
I am being transformed

Seated in Christ
Seated in the Son
Raised to new life
For all the work is done

I’m resting in Your goodness
Satisfied in love
I and my Father are one ( I am my Father’s delight )

For the rest of my days, I’ll appreciate
All of Your goodness, I’ll celebrate your grace!
Track Name: Take This Moment
I take this moment,
To look within my heart, I find You there
Your love has captured me
Your favour it surrounds me,as a shield
How rare, how beautiful, are all Your thoughts toward me
How plentiful

I behold Your face in righteousness, I see
I’m satisfied when I awake in Your likeness

How beautiful You are,
My Father I adore You more than anything
I’ve ever loved before
You have made Your home in me, and now with every breath,
I’ll live and move and have my being in You

I take this moment, to look out at the world
There are people all around
How costly was Your love, poured out upon the world,
Though they did not understand
Your love in me compels, for I have judged that One has died for all,
Now we live in Him

Awake oh sleeper, arise from the dead
And Christ will shine His light deep within you
Track Name: In Your Light
You’ve caused me to see in Your light, oh God
That One has died for all
And if One has died for all my God
Surely all have died, surely all have died

And even the darkness is as light to You
The night shines as the day
Darkness and light are both alike to You
You’ve dawned Your eternal day,
You have dawned Your eternal day

And the path of the righteous, like the rising sun
Shining bright unto the perfect day
Who needs the moon by night, the sun by day
You are our eternal light, oh God
You are our eternal light

And not of ourselves are we adequate
To communicate Your love
But of God are we in Christ
Epistles of Your grace
Track Name: Beyond Seasons
Come away my beloved, for you know the winter’s past
The rain is gone, the flowers bloom
I will take you beyond seasons

Arise my love and come away
In my shelter, hide away
For I long to hear your voice and see your face

Come away, won’t you run away with me
Hide away with me My love
For your Lover is your Lord

Oh my Lord I hear Your call
Once again my heart is overwhelmed
How I love to see Your face
Within Your shelter I will hear Your voice

For Your love is sweet as wine
I’m captivated by Your smile
My Beloved, I am Yours, You are mine

I’ll come away, I’ll run away with You
Hide away with You my Love (x2)
For Your love is my desire
Track Name: Be Still
Be still and know that I am God, be still and truly know that I am God

Quiet your mind and your thoughts in Me
Let me reveal the depth of My word to you
Let me show you how it will meet your need
Rest completely in what I’ve promised and

Be still and know that I am God, be still and truly know that I am God

Perceive with certainty and understanding
Remove all doubt and fear and trust in Me
Let me touch you with my intimacy
Know completely, rest securely and

Be still and know that I am God, be still and truly know that I am God.
Track Name: Think on These Things
Whatever is true
Whatever is noble
Whatever is just
Whatever is pure
Whatever is lovely
And of good report
Anything virtuous
Worthy of praise
Think on these things
Think on these things

Be anxious for nothing
But in everything
Give thanks always
For it is amazing
What happens
When Christ is the centre of your life
He is all things
He is all things

The things you’ve seen and heard, these do
And the God of peace, He’ll be with you
The things you’ve seen and heard, these do
And the God of peace will be with you …always

He’s the Prince of Peace who’ll guard your heart
He’s the Light of Life who’ll light your path
He’s my Father and I know His care
Every inch of my life, He holds within His hand.
Track Name: Why Do You Worry?
Why do you worry about your life
What you will eat, what you will wear
Look at the birds, they are careless in His care
See the flowers, they don’t toil or spin.
How much more are you worth.

What do you have, that you have not been given
What can you add to your life
You’re already rich, you’re already full
You reign in this life through Jesus Christ
You’re complete in Him.
Track Name: You Are Our Reward
There is one who scatters abroad
It only increases
There is one who holds back what is due
It leads to poverty

Your provision inspires our lives Lord
As we give our all
We’re impelled by Your abundant mercies
You are our reward

Now to live is Christ and to die is gain
We scatter our lives Lord
For the Lord is our silver and gold
We’re content with what we have

By this truth, we awaken every man
That One Father gave birth to us
He desired a Godly offspring
Sons of His likeness

For this reason, our Saviour died
His body broken so that we might have new life
Track Name: To Know Him
To know Him is simple
No rituals to hinder
To know Him is simple
No levels through which to enter

To love Him is easy
No reason to draw back
To love Him is easy
No consciousness of lack

To reach for Him and find Him
is closer than you think
To reach for Him and find Him
It’s within you, this link

To see Him, close your eyes
Awaken to His inner light
To see Him, look within
His vision will ignite.

It’s easy, it’s simple:
Within you, right now,
Reach for Him, find Him,
Love Him, know Him now.
Track Name: My Liberty
I was blind, but now I see
By the grace of God
For His light has shone in me
I was lost, but now I’m found
In the love of God
For His mercy follows me

And now I sing to the One I love
My heart is filled with His delight
I rejoice in the One who’s set me free
His love, is my liberty

He’s the joy in every song
He’s my melody
For His love awakens me
He’s the eye in every storm
He’s my Prince of Peace
He’s the Rock on which I stand
Track Name: Psalms 103
Bless the Lord oh my soul
Bless His Holy Name
And forget not all of His benefits
Bless the Lord oh my soul
Bless His Holy Name
And look what He’s done for you

Who heals all Your diseases
Forgives all your sin
Redeems your life from destruction
Bless the Lord oh my soul

Who crowns you with loving kindness
And tender mercies
Who satisfies your mouth with good things
That your youth is renewed like the eagle’s