by Mary-Anne Rabe

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Natalie so beautiful, love it, x Favorite track: Perfect Union.
Sylather Collins
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Sylather Collins I just love this song. I did a praise dance to this song at a Dancing for Him
conference and the audience totally loved this
song. Keep writing Mary
Ann. I love the album also. Favorite track: Yahweh.
Madeleine Fernandez
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Madeleine Fernandez The music is beautiful and the words are so true and refresh the soul. So encouraging and your heart just bears witness with the amazing truths in her message. Favorite track: YHVH.
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"Could we with ink the ocean fill, and were the skies of parchment made, were every stalk on earth a quill, and every man a scribe by trade, to write the love of God above would drain the ocean dry. Nor could the scroll contain the whole though stretched from sky to sky.”
F.M Lehman “The love of God” 1917 hymn

Let your heart overflow with the Love that breathed you into being, that upholds you and sustains you in it's adoration and that will never let you go!
The kingdom of God is not somewhere else, some other time; He is God with us, Immanuel. The Incarnation reveals the Son, in whom all things consist, uniting Himself with our humanity in an inseparable union.
There is NoDistance between us!


released November 14, 2013

All songs written and sung by: Mary-Anne Rabe

Except: 'Two thousand Years Ago' written by Godfrey Birtill and 'Dreaming' written by Anthea Van der Pluym

Backing Vocals: Brenda Janz, Philip Janz, Ragnar Rosinkranz, (Scott Waara on Perfect Union)
Acoustic guitar: Mary-Anne Rabe, Scott Waara, Ragnar Rosinkranz
Electric Guitar: Scott Waara, Ragnar Rosinkranz
Drums: Philip Janz
Upright Bass: Ragnar Rosinkranz
Electric Bass: Ragnar Rosinkranz, Philip Janz
Mandolin: Scott Waara
Cello: Ragnar Rosinkranz, JC Holborn
Piano and Keys: Ragnar Rosinkranz, Philip Janz
Additional Instrumentation - Violin, Banjo, Ukelele, Kalimba, Mellotron, Percussion, Lowrey, Accordion,
Glockenspiel: Ragnar Rosinkranz

Producer: Lucky Boy
Executive Producer: Mary-Anne Rabe
Mixed and Mastered by Philip Janz at Hi Tyme Studios, Canada

Photography and Cover Design: Eugene Rabe (
Original painting on Cover: Ethan Urigh

Recorded at:
Lucky Boy Studios

Drums, Philip & Brenda's Vocals recorded at Hi Tyme Studios, Canada

Song lyrics and chords can be found on the website:

Further resources: http://hearhimnet/wordpress/

Thank you to all those whose generous contribution made this album possible!



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Mary-Anne Rabe Florida

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Track Name: Out of the Shadows
Through out the ages you have spoken
In so many different ways
Everything pointed to a time
When what was lost would be found in You
Your final word
God became man
Your final word
Revealed in Your Son

Out of the shadows, into Your substance
No longer fragments we have your fulness
Distance is cancelled, we are united
Truth is revealed
We can now know as we have always, always been known

I will not wait another day
When here You are inside of me
With all my heart I will embrace
All You have embraced for me
Your final word
You became man
Your final word
Revealed in Your Son

Out of the rituals, into reality
No more confusion, we have Your clarity
The end of all efforts, we can now rest in You
Truth is revealed
We can now know as we have always, always been known.
Track Name: Wide Open Space
Justified by Your faith
I'm at peace
Reconciled to You
You've done everything
Nothing left to add
You gave Yourself
And now I give myself to Your love

Here I stand in this wide open space
In this wonder of Your embrace
Spotless and clean,
There is nothing between us but
Love and freedom

Here I will abide, face to face with You
Here I am alive, face to face with You

Beholding You, I've found grace
The reflection I see
Awakens in me, who I am
My true identity, revealed in You
Track Name: I Belong
Here I will rest in You
To see what You see
And know what You've always known
In the cleft of the Rock
I see myself
And discover what has always been true

That I .... belong to You
And I .... am found in You
You have enveloped
You have embraced
You have won
And I belong
In You my life is true
Only Your thoughts will do
And what You have revealed in Your Son
No other alternative
In You I exist
It's You in me and me in You
Track Name: Alive In Me
Yahweh will kneel before you, bearing gifts he will adore you
Surrounding you with protection, giving you his affection
Illuminating you with the wholeness of His being
You're beautiful because He's alive
In you
You're beautiful because He's alive in you

Father I kneel before you, with my life I will adore you
Enjoying your reflection, my heart bursts with affection
Illuminated by the wholeness of Your being
I'm beautiful because You're alive in me
I'm beautiful because You're alive in me

Holy is our God
He's set Himself apart for us
Lovely is our God
And lovely is who we are
Living to reflect who You are
Track Name: Crazy Love
Face to face in the beginning
Your every thought reflecting
Your desire to embrace us
in the fellowship of Your Son

Your dream come true
Of a being just like You
The romance in your heart
I am kissed by you from the very start

Crazy love why do you pursue me
Knowing each hair on my head
Crazy love you never have failed me
You followed me to the grave
Only to rise again

Though I run away
Find myself in death's dark veil...You will find me
Though I may bury myself in the depths of despair
You'll hunt me down and Your love will remain.
Track Name: I Like You
Joy like a fountain exploding inside of me
I am persuaded by what you see
You have revealed Yourself in me
You have revealed Yourself

Faith that pulls the future into the now
Love that sees every man included in Christ
You have revealed Yourself in me
You have revealed Yourself

And I stand where I've always longed to be
In the centre of my Papa's dream

I'm loved, I am loved, loved loved, I am loved by reality Himself
I'm loved
You like me so very much

Magnificent Father, look what You have done
You've summed up everything in the person of Your Son..

I'm loved, I am loved, loved loved, I am loved by reality Himself
I am loved
You like me so very much

I am loved
Track Name: Dreaming
Dreaming, visualizing
Images of life awaken
Faith is, the substance foundation reality of all I've hoped

Dreaming, visualizing
Images of life awaken

The fusion of two destinies
Intertwining of our lives
Thought with thought, spirit with spirit combined

And father I love you, fountain of my life
Father I love you, in Your light I see light
Father I love you, in Your light I see light
Track Name: Yahweh
Closer than the heart in my chest
Nearer than the words on my lips
Easier than breathing in
Surer than the breath flowing out

Each breath I take declares Your name
With every breath I proclaim

Yahweh, Yahweh, Yahweh Yahweh

You breathed your life into me
Without You I would not be
And so I breath back to You
The breath you’ve given to me

Each breath I take declares your name
With every breath I proclaim

Yahweh, Yahweh, Yahweh, Yahweh

There is no distance between us
Nothing more that can keep us
The name that could not be mentioned
You’ve united with our own breath

Yahweh, Yahweh, Yahweh, Yahweh
Track Name: Gentle Rain
Like gentle rain on the tender grass
Let these words distill like the morning dew
I open up my heart and let them in
Like the flowers drink the showers of the spring

How great our God
You are the Rock
From which we came
Our God the Rock
The Father of us all
Of every boy and girl

Now all you, who pursue righteousness
Look to the Rock from which you came
You're so much more than what can be seen
Your life is wrapped up with Christ in eternity

Track Name: I Know
Deep within me I know the truth
Though sometimes hidden it's never hard to find
I just listen and I have found Your voice like a whisper
But always so profound

And I know You are with me and I know You are for me
I know, yes I know You are in me

Nothing present nor things to come
No troubles nor trials in this life
No feelings no doubts nor fears
Could ever separate me
From the knowledge of Your love


There are no contradictions greater than Your confirmations
There are no lies more persuasive than Your truth
There are no voices louder than Yours
Crying within me, Abba Father
I am Yours, I am yours

Track Name: Road to Emmaus
Walking down the road to Emmaus
As we talked we were sad
Speaking of the one who we thought would be our Saviour
Now He's gone – this is not how it should end

Then we met a man, not persuaded by our doubts and fears
Who showed us how this mystery in us would be revealed
Suddenly, the scales fell from our eyes
As He broke the bread we understood
The meaning of His life

He was wounded by our transgressions
He was bruised by our iniquities
In His death we have died
in his life we're made alive
It is in dying that the grain of wheat releases it's seed

Now we run down that same road
Our hearts are burning all the way
Speaking of the one we now know as our Saviour
For in us His life is revealed

And it's no longer I but Christ who lives in me
The life I now live is filled with urgency
To make all men see what God sees
That His death was not the end but the releasing of His seed

Track Name: Two Thousand Years Ago We Bled Into One
wo thousand years ago, we bled into one
And when I think of it, I’m drunk on Your love
So great is the love that You've lavished on us
We are your children, O God.

Now every distance has been cancelled in Christ
And separation’s an illusion, a lie,
So great is the love that You've lavished on us
We are your children, O God
That is what we are, that is what we are.

Playing in the fields of grace
Knowing this joy of our papa’s embrace
Hear Him say, ‘I love you’
Hear Him say ‘I’ve always loved you’.

Wonderfully saved, secure
Beautifully raised for heaven, made pure;
Hear Him say, ‘I love you’
Hear Him say ‘I’ve always loved you'

All Condemnation has been cancelled in Christ
And rejections an illusion a lie So great is the love that you’ve lavished on us
We are your children O God and that is what we are, that is what we are

Track Name: You Are Mine
You are so beautiful
You are so valuable to Me
Righteous, blameless and innocent

For this is what I see
What I know
What I believe about you
This is what I've done
Who you are
And is what is true about you

You are Mine
My image and likeness
My design
You're wonderfully made

Awake unto My reality
There is a treasure that lies within you
Awake into the arms of generosity
All that I have is yours
Track Name: Perfect Union
Word became flesh
In perfect union
One hundred percent of God
In human life

Breathtaking Light
Illusions fade away
In perfect sight
Reality appears

No distance at all
As our spirits collide
God and man
So perfectly
In harmony

Father you are so much
Bigger than, you are better than we've seen
And Your love, so much higher than, it is wider than we've dreamed
Here you are wooing me

Word becomes flesh
Through our lives again
The fullness of God
On open display

Love is at home
Content in union
Rest is mine
I'm fully satisfied

No distance at all
As our spirits collide
God and man
So perfectly
In harmony